Wednesday, September 08, 2010


The fall months have started well.

At the risk of completely alienating my readership who doesn't care about college football and barely put up with me last week, Saturday was really, really fun. We had people over to watch the Michigan/UConn game, and I broke out all my Michigan-themed party stuff for the occasion. I've had this stuff for a couple years, but this was my first chance to use it. The game itself far exceeded my expectations, although after last year I know not to get too excited just yet. All the same, Denard Robinson set new Michigan QB records. Here's hoping he 1) can keep up these types of performances, and 2) doesn't get injured.

And that's all I'll say about that, aside from agreeing with these people:

The leaves are already changing, the crispness in the air can already be felt. It's so clearly not August any more around here, and for that I'm glad. This past summer was good to me for the most part, and I found it to be a good, reflective time post-sabbatical, but the fall months bring a change of pace in so many ways.

Not all of the "change-of-pace"-ish things have been welcome or have gone well. Coffeeson has yet another ear infection. Yesterday my office computer wouldn't turn on and the power source probably needs to be replaced. Coffeewife has begun the last year of her Nurse Practitioner degree, which will be good in the long run but produces some additional short-term stress. And I'm wondering about how fall church programming will shake out: whether new stuff will be effective, whether established stuff will hold up, whether I've taken on too much. I pretty much always wonder about that, though.

But in the midst of it all, I find myself celebrating the simple fact that it's September. That simple fact nourishes my soul in the midst of everything else. Break out the hooded sweatshirts, the warm cider, the Halloween decorations.

And keep the Michigan wins coming.

Sorry, I had to.