Saturday, October 02, 2010

Hoosier Pride

The Michigan Wolverines play the Indiana Hoosiers this afternoon. Via Michigan Against the World, here's a funny story from back when Lee Corso was Indiana's head coach:
The whole idea started in 1951 when Indiana beat Ohio St. Woody Hayes said "that football team will never beat me again- ever".

Before the kickoff of the 1976 game, Corso asks Woody how he was doing, and Woody just growls at him. Corso's response was "What the hell are you mad at me for? I was 10 years old when those guys beat you". Woody throws his hat and laughs at Corso.

OSU gets a pick 6 and misses the extra point. Then Indiana drives down and scores to take a 7-6 lead. After the extra point, Corso walks across the field and tells the official "We quit".

The official says, "What?"

Corso - "We quit. We ain't playing no more."

Official - "You can't do that."

Corso - "Why"?

Official - "You’ll lose."

Corso - "We are going to get lose anyhow. I quit. We're not going to play anymore."

Official - "You can't do that."

Corso - "OK, time out."

Corso then had the team and the photographer hurry up run under the scoreboard and took a picture.

The OSU fans are going crazy. Woody throws his hat at Corso and is yelling. The ref says to Corso "what the hell are you doing"?

Corso says "you know what, mister? It's been 25 years since Indiana has been ahead of that S.O.B. , and I want a picture to prove I'm ahead of him."

Indiana used the picture for their 1977 recruiting brochure. Indiana lost the game 47-7.
Well played, Corso. But still: Go Blue! Beat Indiana!