Friday, June 03, 2011

Pop Culture Roundup

In case you missed my review of Eugene Peterson's The Pastor, you can find it here.

We watched the first episode of The Borgias this week, about an aristocratic Spanish family whose patriarch, Rodrigo, becomes Pope Alexander VI. Of course, since he's Pope, his family isn't exactly legitimate. But then again, he and other family members do a lot of things that aren't legitimate. His oldest son Cesare, a bishop, carries out a lot of his dirty deeds including bribery and murder. His younger son serves in the Papal Army and lives his own reckless lifestyle. The first episode depicts Rodrigo's politicking and simony in order to become Pope, and then he needs to take nefarious actions to keep his position in the face of opposition. I wasn't sure about the show at first: it took a little bit to get into. But by the end, I wanted to see what happens next. On the other hand, it's not an urgent type of feeling.

One of my new favorite blogs is Jesus Needs New PR, which gathers Christian pop culture absurdity from around the internet and displays it in one convenient location. And it may not be all that surprising that he finds some pretty wacky stuff: dumb church signs, a group for Christian men who like to go skinny-dipping (seriously), cheesy/awful songs, and much much more. Here's a trailer I found there for what basically amounts to a Christian version of The 40-Year-Old Virgin, complete with inferior production and acting, but it's okay...IT'S CHRISTIAN!

Here's a cat hugging a baby kitten: