Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boogity boogity boogity, amen.

This man is a credit to my profession:


Luke said...

that is how i'm ending all of my prayers on Sunday!

why i liked it: it was loud, it covered all the things to be thankful for, it was funny and a reference to Talladega Nights and best of all, PEOPLE LISTENED TO IT!

why i didn't like it: i'm stodgy. i don't like the brand name drops, might as well said "This prayer is brought to you by Goodyear and is Fueled by Ramen." and what's with the closing?

Jeff Nelson said...

People listened to what? A guy name-dropping car products and a movie reference. What theological substance was there to this prayer?

I'm all for seeking ways to relate to culture, but with some integrity.

Guess I'm more stodgy than you.

Luke said...

oh, well if integrity is important to you... ;-)

that dude had none and i sort of respected him for going out on the limb. never discussed nor cared about a NASCAR prayer before. the fact we're talking about it is something that shouldn't be readily discounted.

this comment brought to you by Target: you're on the mark when you shop here

Starcatcherstudios said...

This guy made me laugh. I loved it. However, I agree with Coffeepastor, there is no theological value in that prayer. It was all show and no value. However, I made me laugh, and that's enough.

Anonymous said...

My theological take is that God should smite the wicked, evil Dodges. May they burn, fuel and rubber, in oval hell. (fill in make of car or racing team as you see fit.). And shouldn't God appoint judges, or at least elders, to ascertain if his wife is smokin' hot or not? Boogity, boogity, boogity.