Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Speak the Good - A Prayer Based on Genesis 1

Before time, nothingness.
Before form and shape, before light and shade, a void.
Before fullness of life, empty.

And over the nothing, through the void, into the emptiness, you breathed.
The waters of the void, once twisting and crashing unrefined, began to separate.
And something took shape.
Light and dark.
Sun and moon.
Ocean and continent.
Salmon, dove, lion, cow.

You breathed into the black, and through your breath you spoke, and through your speaking, it began.
Swirling galaxies, rotating planets, and blazing comets responded to your speaking, and became.

As you commanded, you also blessed.
What you deemed would be, you also deemed worthy of being.
Into existence, you spoke good things.
The light and dark is good.
The sun and moon is good.
The oceans and continents are good.
The flora and fauna are good.
You spoke the good, and it was so.

You spoke the good, but we don’t always remember.
We can’t always hear you speaking the good…
…over the cries of children with bloated bellies.
…over the immolating explosions of war.
…over the accusing words of fear and degradation fired like bullets into another’s flesh.
It is as if the waters of the void continue crashing unrefined, and we wonder if you’re still speaking at all.

As Earth moves and spins, your speaking the good is still needed.

Over the nothing, through the void, into our emptiness, breathe.
As you command, bless.
Speak the good. Let it be so.