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Empty Pot

I have some great ideas for blog posts.

The problem is that I don't really feel like writing them. I tried starting a couple, but quickly lost interest and gave up.

To me, that's a bad sign. Truthfully, I haven't been approaching this with a lot of energy lately. I'm actually kind of sick of looking at this place right now.

So I'm taking the rest of August off. Rather than try to force something, it seems best to just step away for a while.

But if this doesn't work...who knows?


Vintage CC: Why I'm a Michigan Fan

In honor of fall camp starting this week, I thought I'd share this post that I wrote just last year right before the new college football season started. I'm looking forward to yet another fresh start for my favorite team, one that promises to turn out better than the last one. Hopefully.

I suppose that part of it comes down to simple things like birth and geography.

I was born in Southfield, Michigan, which is just outside Detroit. At that time, my parents lived in Farmington while my father was pastoring a church there. My family would live in two other communities around Michigan, including a stint in the Upper Peninsula, before moving...ahem...further south. My mom's side of the family lives around Dearborn, and weekend trips to see them, even after we moved out of the state, were fairly frequent while I was growing up.

So, quite simply, I'm a Michigander by birth. Those years are getting further and further away from me, and the argument can be made that a…

Transform Our Praise - A Prayer Based on Psalm 150

When we offer our praise, what don’t you already know?
What haven’t you already heard?
What poetry or prose would be new or impressive or exceptional to you?
What music has not yet moved upward and outward into the vastness of your being?

We praise from within white walls, polished oak, and stained glass;
We praise alongside lakes, on beaches, through treetops and from grassy fields.
We remind you of what you’ve done, are doing, and will do as if you aren’t already aware;
We beautify our language—speaking of “worth” and offering flattery to the Source of Life as if it will gain us extraordinary audience.

These acts of naming sacred ground and of offering our best words, is as much for us as it is for you.
We struggle to describe what you are doing so that it makes more sense to us.
We name your deeds and attributes so that we may even begin to understand your Being and your Doing.
We have received breath and by that same breath strive to understand its Giver.

Transform our praise.
Make it more tha…

Pop Culture Roundup

Special Announcement: I'm thinking of having this feature go from weekly to biweekly. There are some weeks where I just haven't read, watched, or listened to enough to justify one, and I think that the current frequency puts more undue pressure on me to produce something in between regardless of quality. So, expect that to happen probably.

I'm still reading Cutting for Stone, and I think I'm finally far enough into it that I can offer a real opinion. Are you ready? Here goes: this book is...okay. Marion and Shiva Stone are twins born to a nun who dies giving birth to them. The father, a surgeon named Thomas Stone, abandons them, and they are adopted by the other two doctors who work at a mission hospital in Ethiopia. This is set against the backdrop of political turmoil in that country in the '50s and '60s, which occasionally weighs down the narrative. It's a hard line to walk when writing historical fiction, and certain parts have had my eyes glazin…

Comparing Carman to a Cartoon Robot


My Story - Carman from zman3366 on Vimeo.Norm the Robot on Phineas & Ferb:

Vintage CC: Loving Theory More Than Reality

The recent goings-on in Washington caused me to remember this post from June 2010. While I'm not a fan of how stuff played out, it made me think about how much different everything probably looked "on the ground" as opposed to where the rest of us were sitting. Not an excuse, just thinking about the process in general.

A while back on this blog, somebody jokingly (at least, I think they were joking) made a comment that when I get to be General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ, I'll get around to fixing all the denomination's problems. Or something to that effect. Whether they were joking or not, I immediately dismissed the idea. Truth be told, I wouldn't wish that position on anyone.

My reasoning behind this basically boils down to one point: no matter how well-meaning you are, no matter how transparent you are, no matter how exhaustively you explain your decisions, people will still question you, suspect you, deride you, and condemn yo…

Small Sips Needs to Check the Temperature in Hell

Seriously, it's gonna start snowing down there after you read this. Okay. If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know my issues with Campus Crusade for Christ. In more recent years, this has been a more complicated road to navigate because my sister-in-law is on staff with them. Nevertheless, based on personal experience, I'm not a big fan.

A few weeks ago, the news broke that Campus Crusade for Christ is changing its name to Cru, which apparently has been a nickname used at the ground level for a decade or more. The reasoning behind the change is mainly due to the word "crusade" and its connotations. To a lesser extent, "campus" no longer fits, as they've expanded their missions to many other areas besides colleges and universities. This decision has been met with some criticism, though for the other main word that is no longer there:
“Take Christ out, and you become just another crusade,” one critic wrote on the Campus Crusade webs…

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