Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O God, In Whom We Have Our Life

A couple months ago, I woke up and thought, "I think I'll write an Advent hymn today." So I did. Here are the words, to the tune of "O God Our Help in Ages Past:"
O God, in Whom we have our life, in Whom our being dwells,
We thank you for your promised sign of hope: Emmanuel.

In stories passed through centuries, in this our current time,
And in all moments yet to come you guide all humankind.

Awaiting Christ’s approaching birth, we open wide our hearts
To be transformed, that selfish, sinful ways from them depart.

O God, through Whom new life occurs, in Whom our being dwells,
We ever seek your promised sign of love: Emmanuel.
We sang it this past Sunday as our opening hymn, and I think it went well. There's something about hearing people sing words that you wrote that is incredibly cool.


Elaine (aka...Purple) said...

Wonderful. May I use this on December 4th...with attribution, of course.

Jeff Nelson said...

Go for it, Purple! Thanks for asking!

revmama said...

I really like this. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to use this in rotation with "O Come O Come..." in nightly advent devotions with my 10-year-old son. I think he'll like it too!