Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hunger Games Trailer + Announcement-type Content


I hope that your holiday season has been a good one, whatever the specifics you observe.

Mine was excellent. For someone like me, obviously, it involved a lot of worship. Christmas Eve was its usual time of reflective quiet, and Christmas Day was just fun. Aside from that, good times were had with family and I ate too much.

So. A few notes.

First, here is the trailer for the movie version of The Hunger Games, for which both I and Coffeewife are very excited. I meant to put this in the last Pop Culture Roundup, but forgot. Watch, and anticipate:


Now, the reason I didn't wait to just post this in the next Roundup directly relates to my other announcement: this Friday will be the last Roundup of 2011, which means it will be no ordinary Roundup. Instead, it will be The Super-Fantastic Mega-Awesome Year-End Pop Culture Roundup of Doom...er...Love and Happiness. There will be lists (LISTS!) of things (THINGS!) that I especially enjoyed over the course of this past year in books, movies, TV, music, and blogging. So make sure you tune in.

After that, it'll be 2012. So here's an early Happy Most Overrated Holiday Ever and another Go Blue, Beat the Hokies, and a really early Shut Up, The World Isn't Going to End Next Year. And that's pretty much it for now.