Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Who Notices Now?" - A Christmas Eve Prayer

Where in your world is it quiet? Where in your world is there light?

In a time of occupation and oppression,
a time of purported destiny acted out through victory over others,
a time of starvation for many, survival for most, and plenty for a few,
a time of elevating earthly leaders and states to godhood,
a peasant girl walked unnoticed.

You visited. You proclaimed.
Somehow your grace fit inside her human frame and would birth that same grace to a noisy, cluttered, anxious world.

In a crowded city,
while war raged elsewhere,
while people cried out in their hunger,
while Caesar was praised,
a baby was born in a barn.

Who noticed?

The Savior is born. Who notices now?
Will those ordering or carrying out attacks notice?
Will those suffering from bloated bellies or their uncaring overseers notice?
Will those trusting modern Caesars to save them notice?
Will the grieving, the self-shaming, the unforgiving, or the exhausted notice?
Will we in our noise and darkness notice?

We ponder the mystery of Light and Love Enfleshed.
We silently ask where it happens and where it is possible.
We grope to see and hear it in the darkness and the din.

Through One become skin, bone, and blood, you show the wheres and hows of noticing,
the wheres and hows of silence,
the wheres and hows of grace-filled days,
and we re-discover that in your world, it can be seen and heard everywhere.