Monday, January 30, 2012


He's nothing special. That's probably what he'd tell you. That's what many may tell him.

He's a young man, mid-20s, physically capable and intellectually thirsty. He reads. He talks. He sips coffee and eats simply.

He has a high school diploma and has aspirations for further education, although he needed to find himself first. The search took a while. He's always seeking.

He moves from job to job, not because he's a poor worker or because he has a bad attitude. He gets laid off, or he's told "we only needed you during the Christmas rush." His resume looks suspicious. He'll explain it to you if you're willing to listen.

His family will only help so much. They measure his worth by what he can contribute. They frequently tell him he needs to go. He loves them. He strives to understand.

He loves simplicity. He'd live at the library if you let him. What he owns can fit in his car. Just give him a place to shower and eat. He may resist; work on him a little, and he'll humbly accept.

He eats a McDonald's chicken sandwich by himself. He is surrounded, and yet alone.

He wants a life that is moving toward a whole rather than scraped-together pieces. He looks at you, in earnest, and smiles, because he trusts God despite the mess. He moves along because it's what he's learned to do.

He doesn't want much, just enough.

How would you receive him?