365 Albums - The Return?

I have to be honest with you about something.

This blog feels a little stale.

This is not the first time that I've felt this way. I get like this every six months or so, if not more frequently. So I change something about the layout or I take on some short-term blogging project and generally it helps me get over it.

The issue is not a hatred of writing. I can't not write. Heck, my vocation demands that I be a writer to a certain extent. And I love writing about all manner of things, which of course you've seen.

But I know that it's time to change things up again before I go crazy.

Every once in a while, I look over a series of posts that I wrote a few years ago, the remnants of an ill-fated project that I couldn't finish that I called 365 Albums. The gist was that I would listen to a new music album every day for a year and write about what I was hearing. There would inevitably personal stories and experiences that I associated with the music sprinkled in.

It was a great idea in theory, but I had chosen to do it when Coffeeson was still a newborn. Couple this with my having to trek to the local library to replenish my stack of yet-to-be-heard CDs, and I just wasn't able to keep up with it. So I abandoned it after 6 weeks and 42 albums. I did hear a lot of good stuff during that time, and I was glad for what little I was able to do.

Ever since I abandoned that project, I've tried to come up with ways to return to it and finish what I started. It never seemed like a good time to take it up again, but there is no perfect time. Coffeeson is no longer a newborn, but I still have to be able to balance family and career with silly online exploits, plus I now have a spiritual direction course that I have to keep up with.

On the other hand, the last time I did this I didn't have the benefit of iTunes and Spotify. Suddenly I have countless musical choices at my fingertips. I don't have to go hunting around the library, although I may still do that as well.

So I tell you what. This blog will continue to be basically what it's always been. But I think 365 Albums deserves its own space; its own journey. So I'm going to keep thinking about how best this can be done, but I'm thinking new blog, with links from this blog to that one. Perhaps a  Twitter account just for that project as well. I'll still do what I do here, but with some of my writing energy diverted to the other.

What will this all lead to? I dunno. Maybe I'll quit after another 6 weeks and just write here again, tail between my legs. Maybe I'll end up giving all my energy to that other blog. Maybe I finally will just go crazy and stop blogging altogether. To early to tell. But let's find out.

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