Friday, October 26, 2012

This Meme Is About BOOKS

As usual, this meme is courtesy of the RevGals.

1. STUDYING: What is your favorite book or series for sermon prep or study? Or have you moved from books to on-line tools for your personal study? I'm going with the new series Feasting on the Word edited by Barbara Brown Taylor and David Bartlett. It's a one-stop resource for multiple perspectives on the same text, which I appreciate.

2. IN THE QUEUE: Do you have a queue of books you are longing to read or do you read in bits and pieces over several books at a time? What's in the queue? But of course! On my nightstand stack at the moment is Keirkegaard, Nouwen, a book about the Examen, a book by bassist Victor Wooten, Gilead by Marilynne Robinson (which I read every couple of years), and a few others I can't think of.

3. FAVORITE OF ALL TIME: What's one book that you have to have in your study? Is it professional, personal, fun or artistic? I'm going to go with Gordon Atkinson's books based on his RealLivePreacher writing. I have gravitated back toward those essays so often over the years to remind myself of certain truths about ministry or to seek reassurance. They have a little bit of professional, personal, fun, and artistic all rolled together.

4. KINDLE OR PRINT? or both? Is there a trend in your recent purchases? I was almost exclusively Kindle for a little while. It was easier to read while rocking Coffeeson back when he took naps. Lately I've been drifting back toward print, if for no other reason than because of my spiritual direction program: I don't find the Kindle conducive to reading for classwork. Sadly, my Kindle has been a bit neglected for a while.

5. DISCARDS: I regularly cruise the "FREE BOOKS" rack at our local library. (I know, I know. It's a bad habit!) When's the last time you went through your books and gave some away (or threw some away?) Do you remember what made the discard pile? The last time for me was about three years ago when we moved from the parsonage to our present house. At that point I kept all my books in the parsonage because it has a pastor's study with a marvelous amount of shelf space. When we moved, I carried all my books back across the parking lot to my church office and got rid of some stuff in the full disclosure, they went to the recycling bin rather than the free books rack.

 Post a picture of the present state of your study! See the picture above. There's another bookshelf around the corner to the left, too.