Programming Notes

I just wanted to give a heads-up as to what you'll find here between now and the end of the year, because I like doing that sometimes.

First, with Advent fast approaching, you'll be able to find a series of Advent-based reflections the beginning of each week during that season. I suppose that it's become part of my own discipline in observing this time of year.

And then comes the Year-End Pop Culture Roundup, in which I look back at the books, movies, TV shows, and music that I've experienced over the course of the year and name my favorites. I always enjoy putting this together.

I also have a few more book reviews to post. But I've been a little back-logged with those, so it'll take a little more time. Please no one from Speakeasy kick me out.

All that, and tune in to see whether I can resist posting some lame "looking back on the year that was/looking forward to the new year" thing.

And...that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading.

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