Friday, February 22, 2013

Pop Culture Roundup

I've been reading Dreadnought, the second book in Cherie Priest's Clockwork Century series. It's not a sequel per se, although it takes place in the same universe and has a couple tie-ins to the previous book. Mercy Lynch, a nurse at a Confederate hospital during the Civil War, gets word that her father has suffered some kind of affliction and she needs to go out west to help him. So she gets a ticket to ride the Dreadnought, a Union military train purporting to be taking civilian passengers while transporting war dead. Of course, there's more going on than that, and the ride isn't nearly as smooth as she's assured. I'm as engrossed in this book as I was the last.

I've continued to enjoy The Walking Dead, and am curious how things are going to resolve, if they do, between Rick's group and Woodbury. As of writing this, I still have the latest episode on my DVR unwatched, so maybe that'll clue me in. I have to say at the moment that I'm not a big fan of Andrea, who likes to pretend she knows what she wants but then latches on to whatever makes sense to her at any given moment. How else might one explain the turnaround from last season's "I wanna get out of here and survive and shoot things" to this season's "Aw, Woodbury is so nice and let's not scare the citizens here by shooting things." She also has horrible taste in men. I'm also curious as to where things are going with Rick beginning to hallucinate.

WWE Elimination Chamber was this past Sunday, and it was pretty good. The chamber match itself was entertaining, although Jack Swagger winning was out of left field. In retrospect, I should have seen it coming since Alberto Del Rio is the World champion and Swagger has a new xenophobia schtick, which is honestly embarrassing to watch. I get that it's a character and he's a bad guy, but it's just painful to sit through promos where he rants about "those people" needing to go back to "wherever they came from." In other news, Rock/Punk was great, and I'm wondering if it'll end up being a triple threat match for the WWE title at Wrestlemania between the two of them and Cena. I'm still not sold as to whether I want to sit through Rock/Cena II, especially with the probability of Cena winning. Anyway, a good event.


I actually haven't listened to anything new lately, due to all my transitioning. So here's Michigan's Dennis Norfleet rapping to himself before a kickoff: