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It's been a week since I posted.

I have stuff that I want to write about. A half dozen or so ideas floating around, including one for how I'm going to start engaging pop culture in non-Roundup fashion.

In the meantime, I've been rediscovering my Moleskine, tinkering on my guitar, reading, and watching the new Arrested Development. Oh yeah, and church and family stuff.

So really, this post is just to tell you that I mean to post. It's not very interesting, I suppose. Sorry about that.

Small Sips Is Not Made In Ohio

Oh, that Bono. Jamie the Very Worst Missionary has been writing some posts critiquing mission work. She's received some pushback and has even been told a few times that she doesn't know what she's talking about even though she was a missionary in Costa Rica for five years. At any rate, her latest offering is on the sexiness of missions:
In 2006, U2 frontman, Bono, (literally wearing rose-colored glasses) called the Church to action in Africa during an interview for the Willow Creek Leadership Summit. I was there. It was kinda awesome. It was a bold and honest interview and it created a fervor for justice and aid for Africa's poor and marginalized nations. It lit a fire. And that fire launched Africa Missions to the top of the missionary food chain.   Africa became a rockstar. Everybody wanted in.   Six months later, El Chupacabra and I found ourselves sitting across the table from a pastor as he explained that he wouldn't support our effort to get to Costa Rica bec…

Tony Jones, Privilege, and Avoiding Digging a Deep Hole

Updated on 5/16/15: Somebody wants me to take this post down due to an unrelated matter. Simply put, this person either 1) wasn't really paying attention when he included this in a very long list of posts across the internet that he'd like to see disappear, or he would have seen that the content here has nothing to do with that other situation, or 2) he just wants every critical thing said about him on the internet removed. Regardless of the specifics, this post is staying where it is, because I've been given no valid reason to do otherwise. On the other hand, rest assured that your name will never be mentioned on this blog again, and I will never again contribute support in any form to anything that you do. May our professional and personal paths always remain separate.

I admit that I've been running hot and cold with Emergent figurehead Tony Jones the past few years. I've enjoyed a few of his books and have found some of his blog writing to be thought-provoking a…

So, the song...about that.

Hey, remember back during Lent when I was writing a song, and I said I would post a video of it or something?

Well...I still don't have a video or something to post.

HOWEVER, the song is making its big debut this Sunday at my installation service, so maybe it'll somehow be recorded and I can share that.

Or I'll find another way.

The point is that the song truly exists, I'm singing it to my new congregation because it seems to tie in to what we'll be doing that day, and whether it's recorded or not I'll get it on here for you somehow.

That's all for now. Apologies for not posting in a week. It's been a busy one. More posting of actual substance to come.

Diversity and Identity

After reading this over, I found that I addressed all the points that I said I'd address in the previous post. So I guess this'll be it instead of a multi-part series.

The other day I shared an experience that I had while visiting the chapel on the campus of John Carroll University, a Catholic school, which caused me to reflect on a number of things related to my own denomination, the United Church of Christ.

If there's one thing that many UCCers like to be known for, it's our diversity. That's how we started, after all. The Evangelical Synod of North America, the Reformed Church in the United States, Congregational churches (you know them better as Pilgrims or Puritans), and the Christian Churches all eventually came together in 1957 to form the United Church of Christ.

These churches each brought with them their own ideas about theology, worship, and organization. While they all had been influenced by the Reformed tradition stemming from the likes of Ulrich Zwi…

In the Chapel

This past Saturday, I attended a workshop at John Carroll University as part of the Ignatian Spirituality Institute. It's a bit hard to believe, but I only have one more class and then I will have completed the first year of the program. The second year is less focused on classwork and more on supervised implementation, so this workshop was much more focused on practical matters such as attentive listening.

When we broke for lunch, I decided that it was such a beautiful day that I was going to wander around the campus a little. There were students lounging on the immense greenspace between buildings, enjoying the day, some even studying for finals. I wasn't looking for it, but when I noticed the St. Francis Chapel as I walked, I knew that I was going to stop in.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I didn't expect what I saw in several ways. First, the chapel space is much more modern than I thought it would be. I guess that I was expecting soaring trusses and lots …

Uncharted Territory

I only had a brother growing up. As in, I only had a brother and not also a sister.

All things considered, my brother and I have always been good friends. Growing up there were typical brotherly moments, of course, the kind where I usually got in trouble for not including him or wanting him to go away. But over time, once we got past that stage, we did the sorts of things together that you more or less expect a couple of guys to do. We played with action figures, we played baseball in the backyard, we talked about girls.

Things haven't changed a whole lot through the years. Nowadays, we still talk about girls except, you know, they're our wives. We exchange texts regarding the latest escapades of Michigan's football and basketball teams if we're not watching them together in person. We even still play sports together, except now it's usually because Coffeeson (and eventually Coffeenephew once he gets his motor skills down) wants to.

This is what I've always kn…

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