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What's Stimulating You?

There's always a danger in ministry, and in life in general, to become too comfortable with one's spot; to never be challenged to grow or to try new ideas. I'm not talking about the usual chestnut of churches that refuse to try new things, I mean people in ministry who never feel bothered to try new things. A while back I was talking to a friend who at the time was going through pre-marital counseling in a group setting, and there was a pastor in the room who kept interrupting the presentation to give long-rehearsed "wisdom" about aspects of marriage. To my friend, this pastor seemed less engaged in the material and more content to say the same things he'd perhaps been saying for 20-30 years. 
What seemed to strike my friend most about this was how it seemed like this pastor wasn't even trying any more. He'd found his comfortable spot in this area of ministry, and was going through the motions, perhaps out of obligation or fatigue. But it certainly w…

Small Sips Keeps It Brief

Yep. Jamie has a post up about multi-tasking. Well, it's less about multi-tasking and more about enjoying life:
Whatever the opposite of a multi-tasker is? I'm that. I'm a barely-do-a-single-thing-at-once-er. If have tons of crap to get done, I have to make a list on a piece of paper, and then I have to carry that piece of paper around with me, checking things off as I go. Sometimes I have to refer to the list when, in the middle of a task, I have completely forgotten what I'm doing and find myself standing in my bedroom, or the kitchen, or Target, or a parking garage in midtown with my face all scrunched up, like, “Wait. What was I doing?”   It's kind of a problem.   The thing is? Life doesn't give a fat turd about my to-do list. It just piles stuff on, all willy-nilly, without an ounce of consideration for my lack of capacity to get stuff done. Life is so rude. Since I know this about life, you'd think I could plan for it by putting things like “dead car …

Let's Point and Laugh at Father's Day

The other day, a well-known author on church issues posted this on their Facebook page: Mother's Day was founded as a progressive holiday for peace. Father's Day was founded as a "complement" to Mother's Day largely with the help of the New York Associated Men's Wear Retailers. Americans embraced the former, but resisted the latter as too commercial. The "likes" and snarky comments about the day followed from there, as this little history lesson seemed to be meant and received as a commentary on the noble origins of Mother's Day contrasted with the not-so-noble origins of its "complement." There were jokes about ties and suits, and at least one swipe at men who might feel oppressed by Father's Day not being as big a celebration.

I spoke my peace and then decided to recuse myself from responding further, as internet arguments, especially on Facebook, are stupid. But I still decided to write a blog post about it, because I can&#…

Pop Stories: Arrested Development Season 4

"Now the story of a wealthy family whose future was abruptly cancelled, and the one son who had no choice but to keep himself together."

I sometimes wonder what would happen if Joss Whedon would ever be given the opportunity to write new episodes of Firefly for TV. Part of me, of course, would be absolutely thrilled: a clever, criminally under-appreciated, creative space western with snappy dialogue and incredible adventures? Who wouldn't want that to finally return and experience redemption after years of fans pining for such a thing? On the one hand, people would finally have a long-harbored craving satisfied; a resolution to a show ended too soon.

But part of me would also have hesitations about such news. First off, the actors are older and many have understandably moved on to other things. Would they feel the same passion and dedication for the project? On top of that, two of the main characters are now dead thanks to the movie Serenity, which really was meant to be…

Pop Stories: Dave Matthews Band

I'm testing out a new feature that is intended to be the Pop Culture Roundup's replacement.

"What is this? You're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don't be that guy." - Jeremy Piven, PCU

When I moved onto campus my freshman year at Heidelberg, I only brought a handful of CDs with me. I figured that, rather than bring all that I had, I'd pick out a dozen or so for which I had a special affinity; a select few that would help me navigate this new phase of my life. As it happened, two of those albums were Under the Table and Dreaming and Crash by Dave Matthews Band. It was 1997.

I couldn't really tell you what inspired me to include those albums along with what no doubt was mostly a selection of Christian rock that reflected the mini-boom it was enjoying in those years. dc Talk and Jars of Clay, among others, were just hitting their stride and I was playing them non-stop in accordance with my newfound station in life, but I had also …

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