Monday, June 17, 2013

Small Sips Keeps It Brief

Yep. Jamie has a post up about multi-tasking. Well, it's less about multi-tasking and more about enjoying life:
Whatever the opposite of a multi-tasker is? I'm that. I'm a barely-do-a-single-thing-at-once-er. If have tons of crap to get done, I have to make a list on a piece of paper, and then I have to carry that piece of paper around with me, checking things off as I go. Sometimes I have to refer to the list when, in the middle of a task, I have completely forgotten what I'm doing and find myself standing in my bedroom, or the kitchen, or Target, or a parking garage in midtown with my face all scrunched up, like, “Wait. What was I doing?”  
It's kind of a problem.  
The thing is? Life doesn't give a fat turd about my to-do list. It just piles stuff on, all willy-nilly, without an ounce of consideration for my lack of capacity to get stuff done. Life is so rude. Since I know this about life, you'd think I could plan for it by putting things like “dead car battery” and “broken incisor” and “unexpected guests” on the list. You'd think I would just build in time for “stitches”and “stepping in dog poop”, but I don't. Then, when things start to pile up, I feel like I'm in the drivers seat of El Chupacabra's patrol car, racing too fast, typing a blog post, yelling at my kids, and not even remotely enjoying the taco. Because, unlike my multi-tasking hulk of a husband, I don't feel like I'm in control when there's so much going on. In fact, the complete opposite is true; I feel like I'm a split second away from crashing and burning.
The old saying, "life is what happens when you're making other plans" applies here. Jamie's just such a good writer, and this is a good post on remembering to roll a little more when you need to, and enjoy the little things. I know that I'm not offering any insightful additions to this. It's just a good reminder, okay? Go read it.

Mind: blown. Someone on MGoBlog posted a picture from a recent Jacksonville Jaguars practice where former Michigan QB Chad Henne is handing off to former Michigan QB Denard Robinson:

It's not every day you see Michigan's all-time leader in QB passing handing off to Michigan's all-time leader in QB rushing. Awesome.

Into the future! The RevGalBlogPals are taking another new step in that group's development:
Over the past several months the board has been praying and discerning the best way forward as this ministry continues to grow. We long to offer a wide range of opportunities, resources, and connections, and have been constrained by time and other commitments. Therefore it is with great excitement that we share with you a vision of a way forward! 
The board has discerned a need for a Director of RevGalBlogPals. This position is designed to support the ministry our organization offers now, to enhance our community through better online interaction and through increased face-to-face opportunities, and to create the future of this ministry through financial and social development. 
The Director will be tasked with revamping our web presence, facilitating and moderating various new channels of community-building, study, and communication, and creating, organizing, and hosting multiple regional events. The board also anticipates that the Director will attend some denominational or other gatherings and reach out to women clergy and their supporters, offering fellowship and extending the reach of the ministry of RevGalBlogPals. 
The board is grateful that Martha Spong (often known as RevSongbird), who has long RevGal history and an even longer vision, will be the first Director of RevGalBlogPals. Her gifts and skills of creativity, networking, technology, and encouraging others will serve her well in this position. Martha has stepped down from the board in order to serve in this capacity, and we look forward to walking into the future of the RGBP community with her.
I've been a Pal of this group almost since its inception, and have been glad to read some of them (including Martha) since that time. So I offer my congratulations and prayers to them on this next big step.

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