Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Introducing From the Psalms to the Cloud by Maria Mankin and Maren Tirabassi

I'm pleased to share news of a new resource for prayer and worship co-authored by mother-daughter team Maren Tirabassi and Maria Mankin called From the Psalms to the Cloud: Connecting to the Digital Age.

Here's the blurb from Pilgrim Press:
Do you or your worship team need to jump-start your prayer life?  Do you want your worship to be more inclusive of people wherever they might be on life's journey?  From the Psalms to the Cloud: Connecting to the Digital Age can help you to connect people, prayers and new possibilities for worship. Maria Mankin & Maren Tirabassi bring together worship and prayer elements for both traditional and contemporary worship, and your private prayer life as well.  Mankin and Tirabassi share resources from a diversity of gifted writers, and invite you to create your own prayers  and worship services. From the Psalms to the Cloud will help you to offer acceptance, embrace, connection, hope and healing in your worship and prayers.
Maria and Maren are notable writers in their fields and I regularly use other resources that they have written. But in full disclosure, part of the reason I'm letting you know about their latest offering is that I was privileged to contribute several prayers to it. The resource will be very good and you should order it regardless, but I'm excited to say that I was a part of it.

The book actually releases in November, but you can click the above link to pre-order it.