Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Returning Thanks" - A Prayer for Thanksgiving

(Based on Luke 17:11-19)

All that we enjoy...
the promise of a sunrise,
the sweetness of fresh produce,
the exhilaration of deepening love,
the sustenance of friendship,
the warmth of home,
the simple gift of breath,
is a blessing that we have received.

And we set about our lives in varying awareness of their delicate, precious nature.

We tend to notice this more when access to them is strained,
but the lesson fades as time passes,
and we settle back in to old ignorant ways.

It is only when we miss them that our prayers rise up in earnest for them to return,
and we vow never to forget again.

There comes that occasion, regardless of circumstance,
when we are more intentional about remembering,
that tenth time after the previous nine when we run back
to say thanks.

And so for times when our hunger pangs are quieted,
when the softness of a bed bends to our tired frames,
when a loved one speaks a kind word or gives a soothing touch,
when we are guided through uncertain times of bodily or mental health,
when hope flickers in the midst of fear,
we come to ourselves, and to you
in gratitude.

And after this thanks is given,
our real prayer becomes
to return again and again.