Monday, January 06, 2014

A Ten-Year Blogtacular

Today is my nine-year blogging anniversary. Nine years of writing at this address. Crazy, isn't it? This blog is just a year away from being a decade old.

I'm actually going to be bumping up against a couple big 10-year anniversaries this year and the first month of 2015. 10 years since I graduated seminary. 10 years since I started in full-time pastoral ministry. 10 years for this blog. And then 10 years of ordination. I'll mark each one with at least some expression of thankfulness and some degree of reflection.

If I was processing transition last year, I'd imagine that this year will at least include processing the sheer longevity of it all; what it means to have been doing certain things for a decade, what I've learned, what I may look forward to.

That, and I've occasionally written what I think is some good stuff here, and I'll continue to drudge some of that back up in anticipation of this writing milestone in particular.

So yes, expect a certain amount of both looking back and looking forward. My hope is that this will be a prayerful exercise of celebrating where I've been and discerning where I'm going.

Thanks for reading.