Sunday, January 12, 2014

Litany for Remembering Our Baptismal Promises

As part of Baptism of Christ Sunday, we will be observing a Remembrance of Baptism liturgy. Below is the litany I wrote for remembering and renewing our baptismal promises.

For the faith and family into which we were baptized and for which we are daily gaining a deeper understanding,
Renew our commitment, O God.
To reject what is sinful and to ever more embrace the freedom of new life that Christ gives,
Renew our courage, O God.
To follow Jesus as Lord, and to rely on Christ as Savior,
Renew our trust, O God.
To commit to discipleship by resisting those forces that defile and demean your creation, showing compassion and justice, and making the ministry and life of Christ our own,
Renew our strength, O God.
To be faithful members of your beloved community in learning, service, and celebration,
Renew our bonds, O God.