Sunday, February 23, 2014

"This Dream of Peace" - A Prayer for Epiphany 7

Based on Matthew 5:38-48

In our most desolate inner places, you refresh us:
affirming our humanity,
naming us as beloved,
inviting us to wholeness.

In these times we are grateful,
safe in your company,
filled at your banquet table.

But even in our joy and in our healing, you insist that we turn and face
those who have cut us the deepest,
who have tried to rob us of self,
who have threatened our wholeness,
who barge into our memories
unwelcome and unwanted.

In these times we are angry,
incredulous at your insensitivity,
declaring that we will not be hurt again.

How will we pursue what you ask of us?

In response, you remind us of your strange nature,
where the sun's rays and drops of rain
fall indiscriminately upon us all,
as if grace also behaves this way.

You are audacious enough to suggest
that our healing is bound to theirs,
that you'd give to people from whom we ourselves would withhold,
that divine love has its own rules.

Only you are able to make space
for this dream of peace to become real.
Guard our hearts, open our minds,
and lead us by a spirit of hope.