"Transcending our Boundaries" - A Call to Worship

Leader: Have we come to worship only because we say it is time to do so? We who treat time as a possession, gather at this appointed hour.
People: We've decided that we only have so much time to devote to this service. It may take us the full hour to center ourselves right before the day continues.
Leader: We, with ticking watches, pinging smartphones, and calendars smeared with ink are beckoned here. Would we worship without being prompted so?
People: We seek the freedom that Christ gives: from those things that divide our attention and stunt our spirits.
Leader: In the fullness of time, God sent Jesus to show us Eternal Life: a life beyond artificial limits and rooted in divine grace.
People: We are ever in need of the good news of God’s perpetual presence, transcending human-made boundaries of time and space.

All: God has been, is, and will always be with us, moment by moment and day by day. Let us worship and give thanks!

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