Sunday, May 11, 2014

"We Dwell With You" - A Prayer for Mother's Day

Based on Psalm 23

Some welcome today
bounding into bedrooms with cards decked in crayon and glitter;
favorite meals shared with smiles;
appreciation shown and leisure encouraged;
a day reflecting joy and love and care.

Some observe today in other ways:
awaiting a phone call that won't come;
clearing freshly cut grass from a headstone;
grieving biology's betrayal;
wishing the past could be forgotten or changed.

Today our prayer might be one of gratitude or regret,
adoration or anger,
fulfillment or emptiness,
celebrated affection or lamented absence.

For those who have been motherly to us,
those guides along right paths;
those who joined our weeping in dark places;
those whose pursuit was constant even if not desired,
we give thanks.

For those bonds unformed or broken,
those sources of comfort no longer present;
those dark places created rather than companioned;
those still waters desolate and dry;
we seek mercy.

Whatever our household has been for us,
gather us into yours
where souls are restored,
and oil is poured on wounds.

We dwell with you,
lying down in peace,
lacking nothing.