Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Hunger Persists - A Prayer for Communion

Based on Genesis 12:1-9

Down in our deepest places
where questions echo and beliefs remain unfinished
the pangs of spiritual hunger twist and rattle.

We feed ourselves with plenty:
the busyness of work hours,
the distractions of leisure,
the security of wealth,
the excess of addictive demand.

These are our momentary satisfactions
sought moment to moment, day to day,
as we cry out to the world, "More!"

We trick ourselves into a false fullness
until the hunger returns
and we do it all over again.

We long even for the smallest crumb
of eternal life
that surpasses the fleeting and the frivolous.

To our inner rumbling, you respond, "Go."

You call us away from easy fixes
and quick releases.
We are slow to trust that what we need
is apart from what we've known.

But our hunger persists, as do you;
it is by your gifts of courage and peace that we go
to find what you wanted to show us:
a feast of grace and truth
for malnourished souls.

The journey is worth making
as we feel bread from heaven between our teeth;
as fruit of the vine drips from our chin.

Our bellies and spirits quieted,
we travel further
by your promise that there is yet more to see.