Monday, November 10, 2014

Liturgy for the First Advent Candle: Hope

Note: Every day this week, I'm sharing original liturgy that I've written for lighting the Advent candles this year. I share them in case people are still searching for such resources leading up to this special season.

Call to Worship

Lift up your eyes and your hearts. From where does your hope come?
Our hope is in God, who made heaven and earth; our hope is in Jesus Christ, for whose birth we wait. 
What keeps you from hoping? Bring it to this time of worship and offer it to God.
We come to worship to renew our hope. We come seeking a light for our way through the darkness. 

(Pause while the first Advent candle of Hope is lit.)

People of God, may this candle serve as a reminder of the hope that is within us.
Though it is one single flame, it is enough. We press on through our fears with the Spirit as our guide and source of courage. 


God of Hope, you light our path. When we feel drained, defeated, and downtrodden, you tend to our souls. When our bodies and hearts are chilled by personal winters, you warm us by your Spirit’s fire. As we begin this time of Advent waiting, instill in us a hope that carries us through troubled times, as we anticipate the new heaven and new earth that is ever manifesting in our world. It is in the name of the one for whom we wait and in whom we hope that we pray. Amen.