Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Liturgy for the Second Advent Candle: Peace

Note: Every day this week, I'm sharing original liturgy that I've written for lighting the Advent candles this year. I share them in case people are still searching for such resources leading up to this special season.

Previously: Hope

Call to Worship

This season of waiting continues. We have come together to encourage each other as we prepare.
We’ve already reminded each other to hope. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of Emmanuel, God With Us. 
One hope stirring within us is for peace. Our world cries out for peace in so many ways.
We wonder where peace is to be found in troubled times. We look to the Prince of Peace to answer our anxiety. 

(Pause while the second Advent candle of Peace is lit)

The light grows brighter in this darkening season. Unto us a child is to be born who will show us the way of peace.
May this assurance quiet our restless souls. May this time of worship make gentle our racing hearts. 


You say to us, “Be still and know that I am God,” yet it is hard to be still during this busy season. The many demands of our lives press upon us, and we are weary and wary of your promise of peace. Reassure us in this time together of your presence, and by it soothe our troubled minds. Carry us forward by your promise that all manner of things shall be well. Amen.