Sunday, March 08, 2015

A Time of Cleansing - A Prayer for Lent 3

Based on Psalm 19 and John 2:13-22

All the world is yours, O God. The morning dew on spring grass. The chill of winter wind. The smell of autumn rain. The bronzing summer sun. In these hours of cold and dark, perennial bulbs soon to sprout will signal the bloom of renewal. Conifers towering over our heads remind us that life is ever-present, even in the face of death’s uncertainty.

In this holy season, we prepare to receive your life-giving good news once again. You call us to a time of cleansing, of owning up to the lies and half-truths we tell ourselves. You call us to repent of the ways we use your name for our own ends; the deceptive methods we employ to exploit what you have created; the ways we’ve transformed the spaces in which you dwell into a marketplace of our own desires.

You call us to account not to break us down, but to build us up. You are ever enacting new life among us and in us. Sometimes we stray from your ways because we don’t fully believe it. We need yet another reminder that in this world of yours, we are not alone.

Through our prayers, help us to consider ways we might serve as such reminders to those whom we lift up to you now…(Prayers of the People)

O God, help us to notice the signs of resurrection all around us. By these same signs, give relief and hope to our souls. Amen.