Sunday, March 22, 2015

We Wish to See - A Prayer for Lent 5

Faithful God, we wish to see Jesus. We’ve heard so much about the way he offers healing, forgiveness, and fresh starts. We’ve heard about his welcoming of outcasts and those whom society deems dispensable. We’ve heard about his signs and miracles that point to a greater inbreaking reality that is already here, yet still arriving. We’ve heard about his boldness in standing up to religious and civil authority; the hard questions that he asks and the strong words he has for rules and practices that dehumanize and devalue life.

We have heard, and we wish to see for ourselves. We are curious about this man in whom so many find hope. We are interested in the life eternal that he talks about. We are hesitant about his associations and his invitation to do likewise. We want to be a part of his divine vision that seems on the surface to be so unreachable, yet he insists is much closer than we think.

We wish to see Jesus. So many others do as well. We lift some up to you now… (Prayers of the people)

O God, as the days of the Lenten season begin dwindling, we know that darker days lie ahead. As we anticipate Holy Week, help us not just to see Jesus but to follow him as one who embodies hope for your world and for ourselves. Amen.