Sunday, April 19, 2015

Embracing Who We Are - A Prayer for Easter 3

Based on 1 John 3:1-7

Faithful God, we give ourselves to so many things. We give our time to work projects, deadlines, and daily task lists. We give our energy to loved ones in celebration, sympathy, and support. We give our identity to careers or family or a desire leave a legacy. We give our treasure and resources to what we value the most. We give out of our abundance or scarcity, out of our need or desire, out of joy or anxiety. At times we give so much that we wonder whether there is really any of ourselves left.

We long for a reminder of what you have first given to us. You give us the gift of breath in our lungs and blood in our veins. You give us the rhythm of life in our chests and the spirit of life in our bones. You give us forgiveness that transforms us, grace that reassures us, and vocation that moves us to serve. Most of all, you give us love that touches our deepest nature: we are your children. By this we have been called, and by this we are meant to live.

May this same love be with those whom we lift up to you now… (prayers of the people)

O God, sometimes it seems like we belong to so many things that demand our attention and resources. Reveal to us who we can be by embracing who we are and whose we are now. Amen.