Monday, May 25, 2015

"Our Means for God's End" at The High Calling

I've written a piece for The High Calling, a website that offers reflections and resources for integrating faith with daily work.

The article that I've contributed is entitled Our Means for God's End. It's part of their series for the week, which explores the theme of what sort of work people of faith should accept. Mine features a little-known story from early in my ministry and some thoughts on discernment from Ignatius of Loyola.

An excerpt:
The question came after several conversations with a trusted mentor, during which I hinted at dissatisfaction with where I was and what I was doing. The programs I’d attempted to start didn’t seem to be producing much, and I wasn’t sure I was making a difference. I had been pastor at a small rural church in northeast Ohio for nearly three years at that point, and for these reasons I didn’t have much of a sense that things were going in a positive direction. 
I was considering the possibility that it was time to start over someplace else. As it happened, my colleague was ready with a suggestion: “How do you feel about becoming pastor of a new church start?”
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