Sunday, June 07, 2015

A Prayer for the 2nd Sunday after Pentecost, Year B

Based on Mark 3:20-35

Faithful God, we come from families of all shapes and sizes. They may be small or large, close-knit or scattered by geographical or emotional distance. We may define family by a variety of bonds forged by love, connection, and circumstance. For those whom we consider family, no matter the configuration, we give thanks, as they provide for us places of safety, support, encouragement, and understanding.

We also recognize that you call us into a spiritual family, one that unites us across borders, customs, and languages. Through Christ, you make us a family, calling us brothers and sisters in faith and service. In this family that you call the church, we recognize our common connection in discipleship and divine love, and we pray this day that you will ever strengthen our sense of communal responsibility for one another.

O God, into your family we are called, and out of physical buildings we are sent to embody your peace, justice, and grace to all. Guide us by your Spirit, and lead us into the mission and ministry where you would like us to go. Amen.