Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Prayer for Pentecost 10

Based on John 6:1-14

Faithful God, sometimes we look at what we have and worry that it’s not enough. The demands for our time, our energy, our resources seem greater than what we can give. So often, we manage our gifts out of anxiety instead of abundance. Rather than appreciate what we have, we agonize over what we don’t have. Rather than give thanks for the people and possessions with which we are blessed, we complain that we “only” have so much. We say to ourselves, “Here is what we have, but what is it among so much need?”

Through Jesus, you call us to a different vision. You invite us to consider how, through your Spirit, you cause greater blessing through our sharing than we can imagine. You stretch our loaves and fish beyond where we think they can go for our own sustenance, and for that of others. You are generous with your love and forgiveness, and encourage us to be just as gracious.

We pray that your love and grace will be felt with these whom we lift up to you…

O God, in seasons of change, center our hearts by the promise of your presence. Guide us forward by a sense of your possibility rather than our own fear. May we be faithful to the mission you set before us to feed your people, and by that same mission may we be fed as well. Amen.