Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Prayer for Pentecost 9

Based on Mark 6:30-34

Faithful God, through Jesus we experience your desire for peace and renewal. You call us away from busy workdays, from impending deadlines, from daily home maintenance lists, from worries about loved ones, from rushing kids to practices, games, and performances. Speaking into our frantic days, you say, “come and rest a while.” We confess we don’t often hear your invitation over the many demands on our time and energy, and yet you are persistent: “come and rest a while.” You remind us of our need to be still, to rejuvenate physically, emotionally, spiritually. It all eventually begins again, but without such reminders, we only hurtle closer toward burning out.

As you call us to a place of rest, we’re not sure we can lay down our burdens for too long. The demands on our time are real, and affect our and others’ livelihood. But within your invitation is the assurance that these heavy loads are not ours to carry alone. You send us your presence through this community we call church, encouraging us to share our burdens so that we may truly move toward wholeness and peace.

We lift up names and situations crying out for such an easing of burdens, listening for how we may help shoulder them with your love…

O God, the journey of life can be a tiring one. Some days, it takes all our strength to take even one more step. Grant us the humility and courage to answer your invitation to rest, and to share what weighs us down with you and with one another. Amen.