Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vintage CC: Ten Ways Theatre Prepared Me for Ministry

Coffeeson wraps up his time playing one of the Lost Boys in Peter Pan this weekend. It's his first role, and he's had a blast. It caused me to remember this post from February 2012, where I cull ten lessons from my own theatre days that I think apply well to my current vocation.

I was heavily involved in theatre in high school and college. Jan's post about being a cheerleader inspired me to write this. Here are ten things I learned in theatre that prepared me to be a pastor.

1. Get to know your role and play it well.

2. No matter what size the part, you're all in this together.

3. Bad reviews and performances happen.

4. You're not above correction or further training.

5. Even though sometimes you think or wish otherwise, you're not the Director.

6. Practice, practice, practice.

7. Don't overdo it.

8. Don't half-ass it.

9. Know when and how to enter and exit a scene.

10. Sometimes, you just have to improvise.