New Sacred Post: "You're a Minister!? But You're a Child!"

My latest entry for the UCC's blog, New Sacred, is up.

Here's a brief excerpt from the post, entitled "You're a Minister!? But You're a Child!:"

I was graciously invited to an interfaith dinner at an area UCC church. I always welcome the opportunity to break bread with people of differing and diverse belief traditions to celebrate and recognize our common humanity, so I had little hesitation in accepting this offer. What’s more, I was still acclimating to a pastoral position in a new church, and saw this as a way to connect with others from nearby communities. 
My wife and I made our way to check in and receive directions on where to go. As I introduced myself as the new pastor down the road, one of the ladies working the registration table looked at me incredulously and exclaimed, “But…you’re a CHILD!”
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