Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve: Calm

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I feel the busyness of this time of year just as many others do.

I have decorations to hang, gifts to buy, family activities to help prepare, and special church events to plan and lead.

At times, the weight of all of this causes my spirit to sag, and I want it all to be over with as quickly as possible. And then I start thinking about departed loved ones and commercialism and all the crap in the world that disrupts this season's joyful intentions. I grumble and grouse and I get angry at myself for feeling this way because I don't want to dampen the holiday experience for anyone else.

But at other times, I'm calm. I hear a favorite carol or laugh at a favorite movie or watch the candle flame flicker or the tree lights glow. I watch my congregation all gathered in one place pass the light to each other, and then I sip wine with Coffeewife, the kids tucked in, and I drift to sleep gratefully anticipating the morning.

All is finally calm. All is finally bright. And I remember that I love Christmas still.