Sunday, December 20, 2015

Prayer for Advent 4

based on Luke 1:39-55

Faithful God, our Advent journey is nearing its end. We give thanks for the ways you have made your presence known to us, the hints that you have dropped along the way about a hopeful new reality ever blooming before us. The Christ child is almost here yet again, and we joyfully anticipate all that he will reveal about your dreams for the world, as well as the invitation he will extend to dream with you.

Yet we are aware that this new reality to which Jesus points is not yet here. Reminders of this fact abound through violence both near and far, the pain of disease and shock of death, the sting of sadness and loneliness, and the constant shadow of fear. It is hard to dream in the midst of such struggles and suffering. It is difficult to sense your love or to love others while we are surrounded by such anxiety and loss.

O God, the advent of new birth is ever before us. In these final days of reflection leading to celebration, awaken us to the truth of your love. May we sing a new song of your many gifts to the world. Amen.