Sunday, January 10, 2016

Prayer for Baptism of Christ Sunday

based on Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

Faithful God, it is in you in whom we live, and in whom we love and are beloved. You send us reminders of this through your creation in all its majesty and subtlety. You reveal this to us through those who hold us the closest and whom we hold close. At times you make this known through a feeling of transcendent peace, the source of which cannot be described yet we know ultimately emanates from your Self.

When our own devices and tricks fail to sustain us in ways on which we've long relied, your Spirit descends upon us to renew our sense of your loving and claiming us. Like a dove awakening us to a new day, you wake our souls to the new possibilities inherent in your ever-present grace. By this same Spirit, show us the way forward through what we may be facing. Whether disease or death, whether depression or despair, whether uncertainty about the world or about ourselves, lead us from cleansing waters on the path toward restoration and wholeness.

O God, we as your beloved children long to hear a word from you. Speak to our most inward places, and may your divine light radiate ever outward. Amen.