Sunday, February 21, 2016

Prayer for Lent 2

based on Luke 13:31-35

Faithful God, we confess that we don’t always know the things that make for peace. At times we’re at odds with family members over issues big or small. At other times we clash with co-workers over processes, goals, or behavior. At other times we see people on the news with whom we can’t fathom interacting without conflict. Sometimes our struggle is internal as we fight with ourselves over who we are or want to become. In the midst of these thoughts, peace is elusive. We don’t know the steps to establish it or we gave up on its pursuit long ago.

We hear Jesus’ desire to gather us like a hen and her chicks. It may be difficult to imagine you bringing us together so, let alone some of those with whom we’d be sharing your embrace. We are beckoned by the one whom we call the Prince of Peace to a higher way. You know it is not often easy for us, yet your Spirit continues to nudge and prod us along, we wandering baby fowl, toward greater community.

O God, show us peace. Show us the way of reconciliation. Show us a path that transcends our interests and grudges, and moves us toward wholeness. Amen.