Sunday, March 06, 2016

Prayer for Lent 4

based on Luke 15:11-32

Faithful God, we take time to remember and confess moments when we have wandered away from your direction and care. In these times we are convinced of our own self-sufficiency; that we are the sole creators of our reality and future. But this thinking has also taught us hard lessons about how much we need you and each other when our plans have gone awry. With our pride wounded and our heads bowed, we have come back to you only to be welcomed with a warm embrace and with great celebration.

We also take time to remember and confess moments when we have been resentful of this same embrace and joy extended to others. How quickly we forget the forgiveness, restoration, and second chances that we have been given, as we refuse to show them to others! Sometimes we want to hoard your grace for ourselves, only begrudgingly distributing it when we feel others have properly earned it.

Yet it is by that grace that we are transformed. By that grace we come to ourselves and realize that your love for us is a call to a new beginning.

O God, restorer of life, empower us to be instruments of your forgiveness. Out of gratitude for what you’ve first given, may we be the faithful servants who give to others. Amen.