Sunday, March 20, 2016

Prayer for Palm Sunday

based on Luke 19:28-40

Faithful God, we gladly line sanctuary pews as the people of Jerusalem lined the roads to celebrate Jesus’ entry; to welcome him as one who will bring needed change to our lives and to the world. We joyfully wave our palms thankful for what he once did and continues to do, enacting and revealing your presence among us. We join the chorus of Hosannas, hopeful for what his arrival will mean for the future.

After the celebration, we’ll be faced with a choice. Will we continue to follow Jesus after the crowds have dispersed and he begins talking about more serious matters of obedience, trust, love, suffering, and service? Will we follow him to the upper room for a final meal, to the garden where he’ll be arrested, to the court where he’s already been convicted, to the cross where his earthly life meets an agonizing, public end? Will we follow him to other places of pain, where people cry out for God not to forsake them; where voices enduring hardship and loss strive to be heard?

O God, grant us courage and wisdom to follow Jesus wherever he leads during this holiest of weeks, and always. Open our eyes and hearts to your presence in stories of anguish, be it Christ’s, others’, or our own. Amen.