Sunday, April 10, 2016

Prayer for Easter 3

based on John 21:1-19

Faithful God, in those moments when you make yourself known to us, we become aware of our sins and shortcomings. We recall the ways we have hurt each or other or ourselves. We remember the promises we’ve failed to keep and the flaws we try to hide. We do our best to ignore these for as long as we believe no one will find us out. Yet when we are acutely aware of your presence, they all come rushing back as we realize you are with us. How can we withstand such scrutiny? How can we make ourselves presentable enough for you?

Through Jesus, you bring a response that is affirming and also challenging: “feed my sheep.” Despite our past moments of injury, exploitation, or self-preservation, you change our journey’s direction, showing forgiveness and inspiring transformation. No matter what we have done or failed to do, you move us toward an ever more complete understanding of your love and of our own mission to serve.

O God, we are thankful for redemption that began before we knew it was happening. Grant us the courage to accept what you offer, and to participate in your healing of your global community. Amen.