Sunday, May 15, 2016

Prayer for Pentecost

based on Acts 2:1-21

Spirit of grace, we strive and strain to discern your movement among us. We confess our frequent bewilderment at what you are doing; our attempts to confine your inspiration to match our own comfort. We fool ourselves into thinking that we're able to bottle fire, only to be thrown into confusion when you escape our feeble trappings to show us possibility more vast than we can imagine.

Days of Pentecost don't bring simple explanation or description. Rather, they bring chaos by way of a new word not previously heard or known. Yet by that same word comes clarity, vision, a way out of rut and routine. We are startled out of worn paths to bold new  dreams propelled by divine power and to new life given by holy breath.

By your Spirit's presence, give us a fire for sharing good news and bread for the journey. And by that same Spirit, empower us to share in your dream of a refreshed, redeemed world. Amen.