Sunday, May 22, 2016

Prayer for Trinity Sunday

based on John 16:12-15

Faithful God, we know you in many forms. We feel a warm breeze, look up at the glow of the moon, or watch a bird flit its wings and see your goodness at the heart of all created things. We experience moments of forgiveness, kindness, and transformation and remember the particular calling you issued through Jesus. We come to moments of clarity, reassurance, and courage, and sense that your Spirit has given these gifts to us. In moments like these, we sing, “holy, holy, holy” to mark the sacred ground on which we stand.

We each bring our own needs for such moments today. We may be seeking reconciliation with a neighbor. We may be wondering at how you are present in illness. We may not know how you are able to love us as we strive to rectify our injuring another. We may be feeling a pull toward something bold, but lack the ensuring confidence to take that first step. In these times, we seek the manifold faces of your presence to guide us through.

O God, we celebrate the gifts that you freely share, and the many ways you reveal them to us. May we be as generous with others as you have been with us. Amen.