Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pastoral Prayer for the Busy

based on Luke 10:38-42

God of peace, we confess that during this moment of prayer right now, we’re thinking about what we need to do after worship is over. In this prayerful pause, we’re wondering what to prepare for lunch. In this moment to seek your presence, we’re aware of grass that needs to be mowed or groceries to be bought. During this time to sit and listen at Jesus’ feet, we instead can’t wait to get on with our days so we can cross the last item off our to-do lists before bedtime. We often can’t even take an hour to lay down our worries and burdens and tasks to pay attention to how you are present, beckoning our attention.

We do come with hearts heavy for different reasons, but we don’t often know how to slow down and acknowledge it to you. We grieve violence across the world and closer to home. We’re anxious about illness or finances or friendships. We turn these big anxieties over and over in our minds along with a thousand small ones about our families and car repairs and bills and we have no idea how to stop and be still and remember that you are here.

God, we’re not good at lingering. We have too much to do, and some needs are too great. If even in some small way we heed your call to pause and reflect, that could open our hearts to your gifts and grace. Wherever our days take us next, remind us of your love that gives us permission to rest and be renewed. Amen.