Friday, August 05, 2016

Sighing Through Song

I'm glad to have once again contributed a post to the Shalem Institute blog, entitled Sighing Through Song. An excerpt:

It’s different for everyone, yet all know this experience. A woman driving home after receiving good news at work finds an uplifting song on the radio that speaks to her newfound joy. A man back from a hard visit with his mother in the nursing home starts his Spotify playlist of slower, reflective tunes that names his sadness and frustration. The hymn “Abide With Me” causes tears from within a grieving granddaughter who didn’t expect them. A father and toddler son dance playfully to Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust,” allowing them to share laughter together.

Music has power to tap into or produce emotional responses. We use it to evoke desired reactions or to help sustain a mood. We play it for others to tell them how we’re feeling. We play it for ourselves to figure out what’s happening within us.

And we sometimes use it to draw closer to the divine presence within and around us.

Read the rest at the Shalem Institute blog.