Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Pastoral Stewardship Prayer

based on Psalm 119:97-104

O God, how we wish we could make your presence and purposes our meditation at all times! We come to this time of prayer with so many good intentions about service to you and to others, about generosity to our neighbors and to those most in need. We tell ourselves so often that this is the day we will be more committed, more faithful, more gentle, more hospitable, more open to your guidance.

But then life happens. Bills are due. A parent or child is sick. We have deadlines. We have obligations. We get cut off in traffic. We're actually approached by a person we thought we'd be ready to help. And our resolve begins to deteriorate as we realize what you are really asking of us.

One meditation to which you call us is to be good stewards of our gifts, to manage and share what we have so that others may be blessed. But again, the demands on our lives create complications and we wonder about the most faithful way to proceed. And so we quickly settle back into old routines hoping that tomorrow will be finally be different.

Giving God, may we be as beneficent with others as you have been with us. We ask how to share of ourselves that will build up your realm in a world craving kindness and new life. May this be our meditation each and every day. Amen.