Sunday, October 02, 2016

World Communion Sunday Prayer

based on Luke 17:5-10

God of all creation, we can look out at an endless ocean or attempt to count the evening stars and begin to understand how vast your universe is. It is often difficult for us to imagine places a hundred miles away, let alone other countries, and yet today is a day to remember how connected we are to disciples in places so much different than our own. Like grains of sand on a beach or leaves on the autumn trees, so too are your many followers in nations the world over. They strive to follow you where they are just as we do here.

We give thanks for the table you have set for us, and the gifts of peacemaking and forgiveness that we find here. The pieces of bread and sips of cup that we share symbolize something so much bigger, beyond what we can fathom or control. They are your gifts given, and our gifts to receive. And we remember that they are not only for us, but for people in faraway places whom we will never know or meet but who have been called and accepted just as we have. For this we are grateful, and prepare to go forth yet again to live graciously.

World-making and world-loving God, through Christ you show us that an amount of faith as small as a mustard seed can make an amazing difference. As we have tasted a small sample of your presence at this sacred meal, we return hoping to offer even a similar-sized gesture to those in need. We remember our fellow believers all over seeking to do the same. Amen.