Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pastoral Thanksgiving Week Prayer

based on John 6:25-35

God of grace and blessing, we search for you during this special week to give thanks for your many gifts in all of their forms. We are in awe of the myriad ways you reveal yourself to us: through those we love, through sustenance of mind, body, and spirit, through the crispness of the air and autumn colors still resonant and radiant in the morning's rays.

And yet it is so easy to be thankful when all is going well. We take times of joy, contentment, and serenity as unmistakable signs of your providence and care. We find it much more difficult to find reasons for gratitude when our spirits are disturbed by scarcity, conflict, or anxiety. When there is bread to spare, we find it easy to sense you with us. When our stomachs and souls groan, we don't know where you are or where to turn.

O God, remind us of your faithfulness in both plenty and need. By your Spirit, may we have the humility to acknowledge you in times of relief, and the endurance to remember you in times of distress. In all things, make us to be your grateful, grace-filled people. Amen.